Safety in Agriculture for Youth (SAY)

The goal of this project is to operationalize, evaluate and refine an infrastructure that ensures public access to an evidence-based and technologically appropriate safety and health curricula and other supporting resources for those who educate youth working in agriculture.

The SAY project is a multi-year project currently under way in which the groundwork for a sustainable National Clearinghouse for newly identified curriculum materials will be developed as the project looks at operations if there is a lack of future operational or implementation funds. One of the strengths of the SAY project is working with stakeholders including agricultural organizations, agricultural education, and government agencies to raise awareness and improve dissemination of existing and new agricultural safety and health curricula and resources for both working and non-working children and youth. These stakeholders are part of the SAY National Steering Committee (NSC). The main goal of this committee is to provide guidance to the SAY project team, increase awareness of agricultural safety resources and improve dissemination and promotion of safety for youth involved in agriculture. The NSC is a critical link to the successful implementation and long-term stability of a National Clearinghouse for youth safety education.