Agricultural professionals in front of grain bin

Strengthening Organizational Capacity to Prevent Childhood Agricultural Injuries

The goal of this project is to expand the adoption of best practices to protect children from agricultural injuries and deaths by bridging evidence-based safety guidelines and childhood agricultural safety campaigns with organizations and corporations in a position to influence their adoption. The proposed work targets the Organization/Institution level of the Socio-Ecological Model, with the potential to have substantial influence on communities, interpersonal relations, and adults responsible for children’s safety. Organizations/industries this project focuses on are insurance, youth organizations, media and banking.

From a pragmatic perspective, this outreach project responds to the 2012 withdrawal of proposed updated child labor in agriculture rules, which resulted in a diminished role for government in regulating children’s work in agriculture, while placing greater expectations on the private sector to influence behaviors and practices that protect children from agricultural injuries. At the same time, representatives of agricultural organizations and corporations will admit that childhood agricultural safety has not been “on their radar screen.”