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Sanjoy Saha MD, FACS
Physician - General Surgery - Oncology

Syed Sajjad MD
Physician - Pathology

Jacklyn Salzwedel
Interviewer - Team Lead

Marsha Salzwedel Ed.D
Project Scientist I

Alison Sampson, DO
Physician - OB/GYN-General

Evan Sandok MD, FAES
Physician - Neurology

Megan Sauer
Research Assistant

Logan Schafer
Research Associate

Lawrence Scherrer
Physician - Dermatology

Debra Schillinger
Regulatory Affairs Specialist II

John Schmelzer PhD, MA, MS
Assoc. Res Scientist-Economics

Lindsay Schmidt MD
Physician - Pathology

Jaclyn Schneider
Research Associate

Kurt Schoen
Research Programmer/Analyst

Anna Schotthoefer PhD
Project Scientist I

Nathan Schreiber MD
Physician - Otolaryngology (ENT)

Dixie Schroeder M.B.A.
Institute Research Administrator

Erica Scotty
Research Programmer Analyst Senior

Anna Seydel MD, FACS
Physician - General Surgery

Milind Shah MD, FACC, FSCAI
Physician - Cardiology-Interventional

Param Sharma MD, FACC, FHRS
Physician - Cardiology - Electrophysiology

Rohit Sharma MD FACS
Physician - General Surgery-Oncology

Tapan Sharma
Research Associate

Neel Shimpi B.D.S., M.M., Ph.D., FAMIA
Associate Research Scientist - COSH

Ram B. Shrestha
Research Associate - Integrated Research and Development Laboratory (IRDL)

Sanjay Shukla PhD
Director-Center for Precision Medicine Research

John Simmons DO
Physician - Radiation Oncology

Kajal Sitwala MD, PhD
Staff Pathologist