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  • New reports from the National Farm Medicine Center & UW-Madison provide summaries of fatal farm injuries in Wisconsin in 2017 & 2018. A total of 41 people died as a result of exposure to farm workplace hazards in 2017 and 34 more farmers, workers, family members, youth and roadway drivers were fatally injured in 2018. Learn more at
  • The single largest cause of fatal farm-related injuries in Wisconsin was roadway collisions involving ag equipment & motor vehicles. Take actions and make changes to tractors and machines to comply with state and federal safety requirements. To learn more, check out new reports from the National Farm Medicine Center & UW-Madison at
  • Just released farm fatality reports for Wisconsin show us that farmers and workers age 65 and older are at significant risk for serious injury - Take positive steps that include: sleep, frequent breaks, and ensuring all equipment is in top shape during the busy season. See:

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  • New #FarmFatality reports shows 41 Wisconsin work-related deaths in 2017 & 34 in 2018. Large percentage was from public road collisions. Follow all state lighting and marking requirements for older equipment & federal regulations for newer machinery.
  • Annual summaries of #farm fatalities help identify #hazards in production #agriculture. The 2017 #FarmFatality Report includes deaths resulting from contact with work hazards. There were 41 fatal injuries in 2017.
  • New #FarmFatality report for 2018 shows #Wisconsin public roadway agricultural equipment collisions led to 10 fatalities in 2018, 29% of all farm fatalities. See also: &
  • Partners @FarmMedicine @UWMadison in Wisconsin's efforts cooperate to help the #ag industry in #FarmSafety and #RuralHealth compile new 2017 & 2018 #FarmFatality report using info from database and state death certificates.

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