MCRI is comprised of nationally-recognized centers in the fields of cancer research, epidemiology and population health, precision medicine, oral and systemic health, agricultural safety and health and conducts clinical trials in several medical subspecialty areas. Research areas and Tenure Scientific professionals that support and participate in the postdoctoral fellowship program are below.

Precision Medicine
Fellows interested in Precision Medicine/Genetics work with a mentor in the Center for Precision Medicine Research (CPMR). CPMR focuses on understanding the structure of the human genome and identifying genes that influence human health and disease. CPMR leverages its strengths to focus on human disease genetics research using a diverse array of tools including, but not limited to, genetics, genomics, transcriptomics, pharmacogenomics, proteomics, metabolomics, DNA methylation, imaging, machine learning, and computational and statistical methods. Our research activities are funded by the National Institutes of Health, National Library of Medicine, FDA, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Health System, private foundations and many other organizations. Mentors within CPMR include:

Scott Hebbring, PhD

Sanjay Shukla, PhD

Tonia Carter, PhD

Zhi Wen, MD, PhD

Srinivasulu Sathipati, PhD

Rural Health & Farm Medicine
Fellows interested in rural health and farm medicine will work with a mentor in the National Farm Medicine Center (NFMC) and National Children’s Center. The mission of NFMC is to improve the health and wellness of rural and agricultural communities through research, education and outreach. Farm Medicine is also home to the peer-reviewed Journal of Agromedicine. Established in 1981, Farm Medicine is the largest continuously-operating center devoted to agricultural health and safety in the U.S. This center partners with partner with many individuals and organizations to improve the health and safety of adults and children living, working and visiting agricultural settings. Current safety and health priorities include children, agritourism, beginning farmers and ranchers, and injury surveillance. Read the National Farm Medicine Center's Year in Review for a snapshot of yearly activities. NFMC mentors include:

Casper Bendixsen, PhD

Barbara Lee, PhD

Bryan Weichelt, PhD

Florence Becot, PhD

Epidemiology & Population Health
The Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Population Health (CCEPH) works with fellows interested in cancer care and outcomes, vaccine safety and effectiveness, viral respiratory infections, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and other health issues. The scientists within CCEPH lead observational and clinical research studies supported by an electronic medical record, medication and immunization registries, and a molecular diagnostic research laboratory. Our research addresses a broad range of health issues, including cancer care and outcomes, vaccine safety and effectiveness, viral respiratory infections, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and many others. Funding agencies include the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), National Institutes of Health (NIH), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI), and industry sponsors. Mentors within CCEPH include:

Edward Belongia, MD

Huong McLean, PhD, MPH

Robert Greenlee, PhD, MPH

Jeffrey VanWormer, PhD