The nationally-recognized centers of Marshfield Clinic Research Institute (MCRI) and the research scientists are supported by shared research support offices including Integrated Research and Development Laboratory, Office of Research Computing and Analytics, Office of Research Support Services, and Office of Compliance. A description of these services that support the more than 30 Ph.D. and M.D. scientists, 200 other staff and approximately 150 physicians and other health care professionals through the Health System are engaged in medical research, is below:

Integrated Research & Development Laboratory
The Integrated Research & Development Laboratory (IRDL) is a vibrant group of researchers with a diverse service and research portfolio dedicated to insuring the success of your scientific endeavors. IRDL's expertise covers a broad range of specialized disciplines, including molecular biology, genetics, virology, microbiology and immunology. Expertise that allows for providing support to research projects being undertaken within Marshfield Clinic Health System, as well as with external collaborators in industry and academia. This team is lead by:

Jennifer Meece, PhD

Steven Kaiser

Office of Research Computing and Analytics
The Office of Research Computing and Analytics (ORCA) provides and supports a scalable, scientific computational infrastructure to researchers throughout MCRI and Marshfield Clinic Health System (MCHS) as well as technical consulting for various projects. The ORCA team is subdivided into two major groups that provide support to MCRI and MCHS researchers over the entire lifecycle of a project. Data analysts are specialized in data abstraction and analysis to assess study feasibility, generate preliminary data for projects, and develop RedCap research databases for data entry by research coordinators and other MCRI staff. Biostatisticians perform power analysis to determine the appropriate sample size for research projects, assist in project development with respect to experimental design, data collection methods, and statistical analysis, perform statistical analyses on research data, and assist in interpretation of experimental results for publication. This dynamic team is lead by:

Joseph Ellefson, MAT

Lynda Kubacki-Meyer

Office of Research Compliance
MCRI's Research Compliance program ensures that the rights and welfare of our patients and subjects are protected. The program also aims to ensure that our research is of high quality and scientifically valid, which bolsters integrity and credibility. The Office of Research Compliance oversees research conducted at Marshfield Clinic and MCRI to assure that it complies with various requirements as well as the development of the annual Risk Assessment and Work Plan, implementing regulatory changes that impact research, performing and directing education efforts, conducting auditing of research, reviewing reports of potential non-compliance, and working closely with MCRI leadership to address compliance concerns. The Office of Research Compliance is led by the MCRI Research Compliance Officer, Linda Jaros, and Research Compliance Project Manager, Susan Franseen. 

Linda Jaros

Susan Franseen

Office of Research Support Services
The Office of Research Support Services (ORSS) is a centralized, shared resource for MCRI investigators and staff and essential resources to support research and community outreach within Marshfield Clinic Health System. ORSS areas of support include Sponsored Programs (Federal, State, Private Foundations and Industry Sponsored extramural funding), Research Integrity and Protections (Human Subjects in Research), Scientific Writing (publication and editorial assistance), Research NavigationClinical Medicine & Research (a peer-reviewed medical research journal published by MCHS), MCRI Communications, and administrative oversight for MCRI program initiatives. ORSS is led by director Dr. Elizabeth Buchannan.

Elizabeth Buchanan, PhD

Postdoctoral Program Administration
The postdoctoral training program is managed under the guidance of the program Director who is a tenure track scientist and the program Administrator who is located within ORSS.

Scott Hebbring, PhD

Seth Langreck