The Marshfield Clinic Research Institute (MCRI) Postdoctoral Fellowship program offers a unique approach to training and career development in that participants are engaged across the interdisciplinary spectrum. Positions are typically two years in length and includes fellows from:

Frank R. and Betty K. Koller Postdoctoral Fellowship
Through funding provided by Frank R. and Betty J. Koller, a postdoctoral fellowship program began in 2018. The program provides salary support and a yearly stipend to cover expenses related to publication, training, and career development activities. This postdoctoral fellowship is a two-year appointment designed to facilitate development of a junior scientist's independent research portfolio. 

The Ebenreiter Fellowship in Precision Medicine
This fellowship is made possible through philanthropic support from Tom and Sally Ebenreiter, the program provides salary support and financial support to cover expenses related to publication, training, and career development activities. The Ebenreiter Fellowship in Precision Medicine is a two-year appointment for junior scientists pursuing research in the field of precision medicine. 

Computation and Informatics in Biology and Medicine (CIBM) Postdoctoral Traineeship
Through funding provided by the National Library of Medicine, with additional support from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Graduate School, this training program provides a monthly stipend and cover tuition, fees, and research-related expenses. The CIBM program offers Predoctoral and Postdoctoral traineeships centered on translational bioinformatics, clinical research informatics, image analysis, and health informatics and is awarded in a three-year period for predoctoral participants and a two-year period for postdoctoral participants. 

Study-Specific & Research Center/Office Positions 
This position is made possible through grants received by existing MCRI researchers within the Cancer Care and Research CenterClinical Research Center, Center for Clinical Epidemiology & Population Health, Center for Precision Medicine ResearchNational Farm Medicine Center, and Integrated Research & Development Laboratory. This opportunity places a junior researcher or postdoc within a research center or office under the mentorship of a tenure track scientist in need of assistance on a grant-funded study. Research Center/Office specific positions provide salary support and may provide support for additional training for a period based on the length of the grant or project. 

Early Career Researchers
Through support provided by the MCRI Center or Office, current MCRI doctoral level employees interested in career development may participate in the Postdoctoral program. This includes junior Project Scientists, Research Scientists, and Associate level Tenure Scientists. 

Current Openings
Fellowship areas, potential mentors, open positions, and eligibility see the Postdoctoral Opportunities webpage.