MCRI Scientific Seminar
The MCRI Scientific Seminar series brings speakers from a variety of research fields to Marshfield to present on their area of expertise and to highlight important health research around the world. 
All Presentation information can be found on the MCRI Scientific Seminar webpage, the recorded sessions from past fellow presenters is below:

Date                      Presenter                Topic
July 08, 2020 Azi Bashiri

Artificial Intelligence for Lung Nodule Diagnosis

May 15, 2019 Shicheng Guo

Using Computational Biology, Genetics and Epigenetics to Understand Disease Etiologies and Improve Precision Medicine

December 18, 2019 Patrick Allaire Precision Medicine Vs. Biology of Aging

Postdoc Journal Club
The Postdoc Journal Club allows for the opportunity to conduct an in-depth examination of recent publications in the scientific literature. All current calendar year articles are found on the Postdoc Journal Club webpage, past articles discussed are below:

2020 Schedule:

Date                      Presenter                Topic
January 20 Shicheng Guo

UK Biobank Whole-Exome Sequence Binary Phenome Analysis with Robust Region-Based Rare-Variant Test

February 17 Azi Bashiri

Cardiologist-level arrhythmia detection and classification in ambulatory electrocardiograms using a deep neural network

July 20 Krishna Ganta Development of CRISPR-Cas13a-based antimicrobials capable of sequence-speciļ¬c killing of target bacteria
September 21 Cody Goessl Risk factors for disease severity, unimprovement, and mortality in COVID-19 patients in Wuhan, China
October 05 Krishna Ganta Decoy exosomes provide protection against bacterial toxins
November 16 Cody Goessl The association between baseline persistent pain and weight change in patients attending a specialist weight management service
December 21 Patrick Allaire Determinants of telomere length across human tissues