We anticipate that both external and internal investigators will request access to data and biological samples from the Personalized Medicine Research Project (PMRP). It is important to read the information contained in the Data and Tissue Access Guidelines to understand the process for obtaining access to PMRP data and samples.

Data and Tissue Access Guidelines

All proposals for use of PMRP biological samples will be reviewed by a PMRP Oversight Committee that grants final approval for requests to use PMRP DNA, plasma, or serum samples.

All investigators are expected to return data from assay of biological samples to the PMRP database for other investigators to use. The return of data should occur within six months after final data analysis.

All investigators requesting PMRP data and/or samples should include funding in their budget for the following items, where relevant:

  • Time and effort of Information Systems programmers to create a list of study subjects or study datasets
  • Time and effort for cost of retrieval and shipping of samples
  • Time and effort for manual abstraction of electronic medical records
  • Time and effort for Information Systems programmers to return assay data to the PMRP database

Administrative and Information Systems staff at the Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation can assist with estimates for time and effort costs.

If an external investigator is proposing a project that intersects with the research interests of a researcher at the Center for Human Genetics at Marshfield Clinic, the external investigator can contact the internal researcher for possible collaboration. The areas of study of researchers at the Center for Human Genetics are described under the Core Units section of the Center for Human Genetics website.

Feasibility requests can be made without prior IRB approval. These requests are usually to ascertain the number of subjects in the PMRP who have characteristics of interest to investigators. Data on individual subjects are not provided in response to feasibility requests. Feasibility requests are free of charge for members of the University of Wisconsin – Institute for Clinical and Translational Research or if the request is made in collaboration with a researcher at the Marshfield Clinic – Center for Human Genetics. Please contact the PMRP Project Scientist (Tonia Carter) to submit a feasibility request.