The research navigator works with researchers on their research projects from start to finish, guiding them through our research process and connecting them with relevant resources and colleagues to help make their projects successful. This includes help with project development, completing a proposal, submitting it to the funding agency and post-award activities.

Project Development and Application

Some of the resources the research navigator can help align you with may include:

  • Institutional Review Board
  • Project feasibility reviews and data requests
  • Data analysis and management
  • Grant and contract management
  • Peer-reviewed journals
  • Researcher education and training
  • Partners, collaborators and programs
  • Scientific writing, publication and editorial assistance

Participating in Research

There are many opportunities for Marshfield Clinic Health System providers to participate in research and engage in research activities with the Research Institute such as:

  • Participate in clinical trials as an investigator or subject matter expert
  • Conduct an investigator initiated study
  • Mentor a resident with their research project
  • Attend or participate in Scientific Seminars
  • Serve as a member of the Institutional Review Board

Our research navigator can help align you with opportunities that fit your interests. There are two programs available to a clinician researcher to ensure access to all of the Research Institute’s resources and to compensate the clinician for their time spent conducting research:

  • Clinician Dedicated Research Time: A percentage of time (minimal 10%) is formally blocked in a clinician’s schedule during, or in addition to, standard business hours to conduct and/or collaborate on research activities. This is generally reserved for clinicians interested in developing and managing their own research projects.
  • Subject Matter Expert Research Time: A percentage of time (usually 10% or less) scheduled outside the clinician’s patient care/administrative time for a clinician serving as a subject matter expert to support research, or conduct industry-sponsored clinical trials within their clinical practice.

Resources for Participants

The research navigator is a great resource for participants interested in research. The research navigator can help potential participants find a project they qualify for and answer questions about participating in research. Learn more about participation in research at the Research Institute.

For more information on these programs, becoming involved in research or other questions relating to research at the Research Institute or Health System, call 715-387-9420 or email