The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs is a centralized, shared resource in the Marshfield Clinic Research Institute. 

We provide essential resources to support research, clinical programs and community outreach within Marshfield Clinic Health System. Our mission is to support and promote research by utilizing and improving upon resources and well-developed processes in a dynamic and collaborative environment. Through teamwork and collaboration, the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs creates an exceptional environment of support for Health System and Research Institute researchers, clinicians, scholars and research staff, by facilitating research advancements that benefit humanity. As a centralized, shared resource, our dynamic team is available to assist with research navigation, program navigation, building collaborations with our partners, the grant application process, post award process, research approval, manuscript and publication development and much more. Select a link to skip to a specific section:

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Before Beginning Research

The research navigator assists internal clinician investigators and external research collaborators by connecting them with resources available at the Research Institute and guiding them through our research processes. Learn more about research navigation. 

We offer several opportunities for those interested in gaining working experience working in the research field. The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs provides administrative oversight to multiple institute-wide programs such as the Summer Research Internship Program and the Postdoc Fellowship Training Program. Learn more about education and training programs at the Research Institute.

We are also proud to partner with other research institutions through collaborative programs that enable us to address statewide health and health care concerns. The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs provides program collaboration and coordination for the Institute for Clinical and Translational Research partnership with UW-Madison as well as the Wisconsin Network for Health Research Partnership

Preparing a Grant Application

Our dedicated team of grant, contract and budget specialists help coordinate internal and external funding applications by assisting researchers in submitting proposals, administering awards and complying with federal, state and institutional requirements and policies. This team is committed to assisting clinicians, scientists and research support staff with the administrative, financial and related regulatory aspects of grant and contract management.

Our scientific writing team is also available to provide support during the grant development process including identifying appropriate funding sources; research concept and hypotheses development; providing education, resources and expertise for improving grantsmanship; support with literature searches; proposal and protocol draft development; determining feasibility of study design; review of final proposals; and guiding researchers through the process of proposal submissions.

Post Award Administration

Our post award grant and contract specialists oversee the post award process to ensure, enhance and properly report the financial performance of Research Institute activities from audited financial statements down to the individual grant level.

Regulatory Approvals

We are committed to the protection of the rights and welfare of all individuals choosing to participate in research. To this end, all research conducted at the Research Institute is committed to upholding ethical principles, state and local laws, good clinical practice standards and federal regulations pertaining to and guiding the protection of the rights and welfare of human subjects. Investigators and staff engaged in research are required to complete specific training to familiarize themselves with applicable regulations, policies, forms and guidance documents prior to beginning work on a research project. This includes managing proper standards for data transfer, biosafety and conflicts of interest. Learn more about education and training programs. 

The Research Institute has an AAHRPP-accredited Institutional Review Board (IRB) which reviews, monitors, and approves research conducted throughout the Health System to ensure compliance with human subjects protections. The IRB is overseen by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs IRB analyist team who are available to guide researchers through the process of receiving approval to conduct research and ensuring IRB members complete specific training to familiarize themselves with applicable regulations, policies, forms and guidance documents that protect research participants. 

IRB members are responsible for reviewing a research study to make sure that the research participant's rights and welfare are protected. Board members include health care personnel such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists and scientists. The Board also includes other non-scientist members such as clergy, legal counsel, information systems/security, business associates, social workers and community members. 

Potential research participants should be aware that being involved with research is entirely voluntary. Research participants can learn more about participation in research here.

Manuscript and Publication Development

Our scientific writing team is available to provide support for manuscript preparations by identifying appropriate venues for submission; editing manuscripts in draft form; assisting with stylistic content and formatting for journal submission; proofreading for language, grammar, spelling and punctuation; verifying references and citations using PubMed; cover letter generation; copyright transfer and conflict of interest form completion; and submitting the final manuscript.

This team is also available for scientific publication support and can assist with planning new manuscripts, identifying appropriate venues for submission, drafting manuscripts, assisting in literature searches, substantive development, stylistic and/or content, and editing of manuscripts in draft form.

The scientific writing team continues to work in partnership with researchers after a manuscript or publication is submitted and is available to review or assist with responding to revisions and editing the submitted work to address reviewers’ comments.  

Our office and editor oversee publications submitted to our peer-reviewed journal. Clinical Medicine & Research is a peer-reviewed journal of original scientific medical research relevant to a broad audience of medical researchers and health care professionals. Learn more about our peer-reviewed journal.

Once published, our communications team disseminates research findings to staff and investigators at the Research Institute, clinical staff at Marshfield Clinic Health System and to the general public.

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