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Krystal Boese
Assistant Manager - Research

Robert Bohl NP, MSN
Neurology Nurse Practitioner

Thomas Boyce M.D., M.P.H.
Pediatrician - Infectious Disease

Timothy Boyle MD
Physician - Otolaryngology (ENT)

Bobbi Bradley MPH, MBA
Institute Research Administrator

Pablo Bravo-Valenzuela
Physician - Vascular Neurologist

Brianna Breu
Research Coordinator II - Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Population Health (CCEPH)

Alicia Bronk
Oncology Research Nurse

Angela Bulgrin
Research Coordinator II

Robert Bullwinkel MD MPH
Physician - Pediatrics

Gina Burbey
Research Coordinator III

Rick Burke M.P.H.
Research Specialist

Glen Buth
Research Programmer/Analyst

Eric Callaghan
Radiologist - Diagnostic

Tonia Carter PhD
Assoc. Research Scientist-Genetics

Michael Christopherson
MCRI Grant & Contract Specialist Senior

Emily Ciula DO
Hospitalist - Pediatrics

Michael Claessens MD
Physician - Palliative Care

Lawrence Clouse MD
Hematologist - Oncologist

Lee Cody MD
Physician - Med-Peds

Deanna Cole
Project Manager

Tamara C.
Manager - AoU Outreach & Enrollment

Lisa Coyle
Solutions Analyst

Caleb Cravillion
Senior Lab Processor - Integrated Research & Development Laboratory (IRDL)

Jason P Cruff DO, FACOG
Obstetrician - Urogynecology

Brianna Czaikowski RN, BSN, DNP
Urology Nurse Practitioner

Julie Dagit
Research Assistant - Clinical Research Center (CRC)

Kiley Deaton
Research Assistant