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Krystal Boese
Assistant Manager-Research

Robert Bohl NP, MSN
Neurology Nurse Practitioner

Riley Bonifer
Research Associate

Thomas Boyce M.D., M.P.H.
Physician - Pediatrics-Infectious Disease

Timothy Boyle MD
Physician - Otolaryngology (ENT)

Bobbi Bradley MPH, MBA
Institute Research Administrator

Michaela Braun
Research Associate

Pablo Bravo-Valenzuela
Physician - Vascular Neurologist

Elizabeth Buchanan CIP, Ph.D.
Director of Office of Research Support Services

Angela Bulgrin
Research Coordinator II

Robert Bullwinkel MD MPH
Physician - Pediatrics

Gina Burbey
Research Coordinator II

Rick Burke M.P.H.
Research Specialist

Glen Buth
Research Programmer/Analyst

Eric Callaghan
Physician - Radiology

Julianne Carlson
Research Associate

Tonia Carter PhD
Assoc. Research Scientist-Genetics

Michael Christopherson
Grant and Contract Specialist, Senior

Emily Ciula DO
Hospitalist - Pediatrics

Michael Claessens MD
Physician - Palliative Care

Lawrence Clouse MD
Physician - Hematology/Oncology

Lee Cody MD
Physician - Med-Peds

Matt Comi
Postdoctoral Fellow-Research

Tamara C.
AoU Outreach and Enrollment Manager

Lisa Coyle
Solutions Analyst

Chani Craig
Research Coordinator II

Caleb Cravillion
Lab Processor, Senior

Brianna Czaikowski RN, BSN, DNP
Urology Nurse Practitioner

Julie Dagit
Research Assistant