medical test research

Lab Services

Our value lies in our capability to provide efficient, comprehensive, high quality, service- oriented laboratory support. Our services are focused on sound science and strategic planning. We support clinicians, physicians, scientific researchers and industry sponsored studies.

Clinical Trial Support
We offer laboratory services to pharmaceutical industries and clinical research centers for sample processing and shipping while maintaining comprehensive sample information and inventories to ensure quality.

Clinical Laboratory Services
We provide personnel, instrumentation and facility support for Marshfield Labs.

Budgetary and Protocol Development
IRDL can provide resources to assist researchers in developing sound protocols that are in compliance with rigourous regulatory requirements. We can also assist in literature search strategies and manuscript writing.

We serve as the stewards for the Personalized Medicine Research Program (PMRP) cohort and other biobanks.

Biosafety Level 3 (BSL-3) Containment Facilities:
We have specially engineered facilities where work can be performed with infectious agents that may cause serious disease. Our staff receives extensive training in handling infectious agents and associated procedures.

State-of the-art Instrumentation:
We have shared and exclusive access to instrumentation whose purchase and maintenance costs could surpass the budgets of individual investigators. These instruments include but not limited to:

MiSeq-Targeted Gene Sequencer
MagNA Pure-DNA Sample Extraction
Roche LightCycler-DNA Amplification
GenMark eSensor-Multiple Viral Detection