Researchers from Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Population Health at Marshfield Clinic Research Institute presented oral presentations, posters and participated in a debate at this year’s Infectious Disease Week in San Diego Oct. 3-7.

Edward Belongia, M.D., director of Clinical Epidemiology and Population Health, participated in a debate on the effects of repeated influenza vaccination on vaccine effectiveness. He leads a large vaccine research team within the Research Institute with a particular focus on flu vaccine effectiveness.

Huong McLean, Ph.D., presented a scientific poster on a Marshfield-led clinical trial to compare the immune response after high dose, adjuvantedand standard dose influenza vaccine in older adults. The three vaccines generated a similar immune response, and they all reacted poorly against the circulating H3N2 viruses. The low response to circulating viruses was linked to egg-based vaccine production. Jennifer King, M.P.H., and Dr. Belongia were coinvestigators on this study. McLean and Dr. Belongia also were coauthors on a CDC poster presentation of influenza H3N2 vaccine effectiveness in children from 2010 to 2018.

Dr. Holly Frost, former Marshfield Clinic Health System pediatrician, gave an oral presentation on variation across specialties in antibiotic prescribing for children with acute respiratory illness. The study found that pediatricians were more likely to follow guidelines for appropriate antibiotic use. Huong McLean, Ph.D., was a coinvestigator on this study.

Dr. Frost also presented a scientific poster on non-group A streptococcus pharyngitis in children. The study focused on streptococcal bacteria that are distinct from those that cause classic ‘strep throat’. The investigators found that these strep bacteria cause milder infections and often lead to unnecessary antibiotic use. The Health System co-investigators included Thomas Fritsche, M.D., and Matthew Hall, M.D.

Links to the presented abstracts and associated authors are below:

Effectiveness of Seasonal Influenza Vaccines Against Influenza A (H3N2) Illness Among Children Aged <18 Years, US Flu VE Network, 2010-2018 – Dr. Edward Belongia, Huong McLean, Ph.D.

Beta-hemolytic non-Group A Streptococcus pharyngitis in children – Dr. Holly Frost, Dr. Matt Hall

Variability in pediatric antibiotic prescribing for upper respiratory illnesses by provider specialty – Frost and McLean

Randomized Trial of High Dose, Adjuvanted, and Standard Inactivated Influenza Vaccine Immune Response Against Egg- and Cell-propagated Vaccine Strains in Older Adults, 2016-17 Season – Huong McLean, Ph.D., Dr. Edward Belongia

Shots Across the Bow: Debates in Vaccinology – Debate participant: Dr. Edward Belongia