Precision medicine is health care tailored to you based on the DNA you are born with, your diet, exercise, environment and many other factors of your health. Please join us for Celebrating Research Week as we explore the possibilities of precision medicine and the meaningful precision medicine research happening at Marshfield Clinic Research Institute. Celebrating Research Week features five sessions held during the noon hour October 19-23.

This virtual event will use Cisco Webex to bring the sessions to you. To join, simply click the link for the session to get started. 

Monday, October 19

Precision Medicine Research and Patient Care at Marshfield Clinic Health System

12-1 p.m. | Watch Session >

Learn more about precision medicine and the research that has brought us here. Dr. Sanjay K. Shukla, center director for our Center for Precision Medicine Research, will kick off Research Week with an introduction to precision medicine. 


  • Sanjay K. Shukla, Ph.D., Center Director, Center for Precision Medicine Research, Marshfield Clinic Research Institute

Precision Medicine Twitter Chat: #UnlockDNA

1-2 p.m. CT

Join us on Twitter as we connect with experts in precision medicine. Use #UnlockDNA to follow the Twitter Chat. 

Tuesday, October 20

Bringing Precision Medicine to Marshfield Clinic Health System Via the All of Us Research Program

12-1 p.m. | Watch Session >

Learn why the Research Institute was chosen to participate in the National Institutes of Health’s All of Us Research Program. All of Us is a nationwide precision medicine program that may improve health for everyone by creating a resource that allows researchers to conduct thousands of studies on health and disease. 


  • Narayana Murali, M.D., Principal Investigator, All of Us Wisconsin; Executive Director, Marshfield Clinic; Executive Vice President of Care Delivery; and Chief Clinical Strategy Officer, Marshfield Clinic Health System  
  • Scott Hebbring, Ph.D., Principal Investigator, All of Us Wisconsin, Marshfield Clinic Research Institute; and Research Scientist-Genetics, Center for Precision Medicine Research, Marshfield Clinic Research Institute 

Wednesday, October 21

The All of Us Research Program: Returning Value to Participants and Researchers

12-1 p.m. | Watch Session >

All of Us plans to enroll one million diverse participants who will contribute surveys, EHR and biospecimens. Notably, participants can receive research results from their data. The program’s data and tools will help researchers understand factors that contribute to health and disease and support the development of individualized health care.


  • Joshua C. Denny, M.D., Chief Executive Officer, National Institute of Health's All of Us Research Program

Thursday, October 22

Precision Medicine: A Panel Discussion

12-1 p.m. | Watch Session >

DNA is the key to unlocking many medical mysteries. This panel discussion will explore different ways DNA and precision medicine are being used to change health care so that it works for everyone. Panel topics include pharmacogenetics, cancer and biogenomics. 


Friday, October 23

State of Research at Marshfield Clinic Health System

12-1 p.m. | Watch Session >

In the final Research Week session, we will start with brief messages from Dr. Susan Turney, chief executive office of the Health System and Dr. Jill Meilahn, MCRI Oversight Board Chair; and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Physician, followed by Amit Acharya, B.D.S., Ph.D., M.S., executive director of the Research Institute to wrap up Research Week with the state of research at the Health System.


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