Researchers from Marshfield Clinic Research Institute led a workshop on translating clinical and research data to patient-centered care Nov. 16, at the American Medical Informatics Association conference held Nov. 16-20 in Washington, D.C.

Neel Shimpi, B.D.S, Ph.D., associate re‚Äčsearch scientist at the Center for Oral and Systemic Health, and Andrea Mahnke, M.S., Customer Experience lead design researcher at Marshfield Clinic Health System, presented during the workshop.

“In health care, patient-centered care has been identifi‚Äčed as a crucial element of the care delivery process. There are many opportunities to provide this collaborative care to our patients by application of clinical research data through informatics platforms," Dr. Shimpi said.

Dr. Shimpi is the chair of the American Medical Informatics Association Dental Informatics Working Group, which sponsored this workshop. Dr. Shimpi's presentation focused on providing holistic care delivery across medical and dental domains.

Mahnke presented on creating user-friendly interfaces to facilitate cross-disciplinary care delivery. She has played an integral role in usability analysis at the Research Institute.