Marshfield Clinic Research Institute recently published its 2022 Year In Review, featuring researchers, clinician investigators and staff that had a positive impact on our patients, the communities in which we serve and Marshfield Clinic Health System.

The Year in Review provides a first-hand loo​k at how the Research Institute has had an influence on the care we deliver to improve lives. Some stories from this year include: 

  • Our research and study participation to prevent dementia with statin medications
  • Training firefighters and EMS
  • Improving tick-borne disease care through translational and clinical research

“The research, studies, papers and clinical trials that come out of the Research Institute has a positive effect on the care providers give patients both locally and across the country," said Jennifer Meece, Ph.D., interim executive director of the Research Institute. “This Year in Review is a celebration of those accomplishments."

The Year in Review provides a first-hand look at the many projects underway here. This positive impact is why we have a research organization embedded within a health care system.

“The Research Institute is a critical part of the work we do here at Marshfield Clinic Health System," said Dr. Susan Turney, CEO, Marshfield Clinic Health System. “The clinician researchers, scientists, staff and leadership are an integral part of providing vital clinical trials to our patients, helping fund grants that improve care, taking on challenges to improve treatments from RSV to cancer, and much more."

The Research Institute is comprised of world-class centers in the fields of cancer research, clinical research, epidemiology and population health, precision medicine, and agricultural safety and health. These centers are supported by an integrated research and development laboratory, office of research computing and analytics, office of research support services, as well as an institutional review board, an office of compliance and other professionals.  

The Research Institute Communications Committee played an important role in making this piece happen, with the assistance of Marketing & Communications' Creative Services team who designed the piece.