Event Date: 8/9/2018

Event Times: 8:15am - 2pm

Location: Froehlke Auditorium
Marshfield Clinic Research Institute

Join the 2018 Summer Research Interns for presentations on the results of their projects. 

8:15 a.m. - Welcome 
Huong McLean, PhD, SRIP Director Marshfield Clinic Research Institute
Amit Acharya, BDS, MS, PhD, Executive Director Marshfield Clinic Research Institute
Matt Faber, Gift Officer MCHS Foundation

8:30 a.m. - Ciera Danen 
Laparoscopic Removal of a Primary Retroperitoneal Mucinous Cystadenoma in a
Woman with a History of Hirsutism

8:46 a.m. - Shelley Gabel 
Resident Involvement and Patient Outcomes in Pancreatic Surgery at a Rural
Pancreatic Surgery Center

9:02 a.m. - Peter Gerstenberger 
Correlating Telomere Length with Diseases and Novel Genetic Variants

9:18 a.m. - Break

9:33 a.m. - Allison Foster
Serious Outcomes of Medically-Attended, Laboratory-Confirmed Influenza Illness
among School-Aged Children with and without Asthma, 2008-2018

9:49 a.m. - Chibuzor Abasilim
Attainment of Sleep Recommendations by Persons with Bardet-Biedl Syndrome

10:05 a.m. - Raunak Dey
Efficacy of Machine Learning Algorithms in Aiding Radiologists

10:21 a.m. - Chuanbo Wang
Assisting the Visually Impaired: Sign Detection and Recognition Using Deep Learning

10:37 a.m. - Break

10:52 a.m. - Sailee Tambe
Oral Health Literacy and Outcomes in Central Wisconsin Adults

11:08 a.m. - Logan Zhang
Retrospective Evaluation of Periodontal Disease among Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease
Utilizing Combined Electronic Dental-Medical Record Data

11:24 a.m. - Zengyan Wang
An Alternative Way of Characterizing Injury to Youth on Farms

11:40 a.m. - Rachael Rol
Beliefs and Practices of Farm Parents to Prevent Child Injury

12:00 p.m. - Closing and luncheon to follow

The event will be streamed live (internally only) on MediaSite:

A recording of the Symposium will be available publicly on the MCRI website after the event.

This program is made possible by a gift from The Boldt Company and other generous donors.