Speaker: Behrad Noudoost, MD, PhD, Associate Professor

Event Date: 8/16/2017

Event Times: 12:05pm-1:00pm

Location: Froehlke Auditorium

Dr. Behrad Noudoost received his MD in 2002 from Isfahan University in Iran and then received his PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience from the Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences in Tehran, Iran. During his PhD, he studied the neural basis of object recognition. He then conducted his postdoctoral research on neural mechanisms of top-down control of cognitive functions at Stanford University. In 2013, Dr. Noudoost joined the Department of Cell Biology and Neuroscience at Montana State University as an Assistant Professor. In 2017, he joins the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences at the University of Utah as an Associate Professor. His research aims at understanding the neural mechanisms and neuropharmacological basis of cognitive functions such as attention and working memory. Several funding agencies including the NIH, NSF and Whitehall Foundation support the research in his lab.

Visual attention is an integral part of our daily life. A complex network of cortical and subcortical structures are involved in control of visual attention. To date, how these areas interact with each other and the chain of events giving rise to visual attention are still unclear. Dr. Noudoost will present the experimental findings regarding the neurons and neuromodulators involved in attention and will discuss how these findings help us untangle the neural circuitry of attention.

*This presentation will be available for viewing online at your convenience via Marshfield Clinic’s MediaSite:  http://mediasite.mfldclin.edu/Mediasite/Play/696e27eaa46644208af688018fe01ff51d


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