• Rana Nasser MD, MS, FACP

  • Physician - Infectious Disease

    • Marshfield - Infectious Disease
    • 1000 North Oak Ave. 3E1 Marshfield, WI 54449


1996 to 1998:
MS, Epidemiology, Department of Preventive Medicine, University of Wisconsin Medical School, Madison
1996 to 1998:
General Internal Medicine, Department of Medicine, University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics, Madison
1994 to 1996:
Infectious Disease, Department of Infectious Diseases, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland
1992 to 1994:
Residency, Department of Internal Medicine, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland
1991 to 1992:
Internship, Department of Internal Medicine, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland
1987 to 1991:
MD, Faculty of Medicine, American University of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon
1984 to 1987:
BS, Faculty of Arts and Sciences - Biology, American University of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon

Work Experience

2006 to Present:
Clinical Assistant Professor, UW School of Medicine & Public Health, Madison
2001 to Present:
Attending Physician, Department of Infectious Disease, Marshfield Clinic, Marshfield
1999 to 2001:
Attending Physician, Section of Infectious Disease, Department of Medicine, Saint George Hospital, Beirut, Lebanon
1999 to 2001:
Director, Infection Control Department, Saint George Hospital, Beirut, Lebanon
1996 to 1998:
Instructor of Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Board Certifications

1991 to Present:
1993 to Present:
1994 to Present:
Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine
1997 to Present:
Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine, specialty of Infectious Diseases

Select Publications

  • Nasser RM, Melgar GR, Longworth DL, Gordon SM. (1997 July). Incidence and risk of developing fungal prosthetic valve endocarditis after nosocomial candidemia. Am J Med. 103(1):25-32.
    PubMed ID: 9236482
  • Melgar GR, Nasser RM, Gordon SM, Lytle BW, Keys TF, Longworth DL. (1997 March). Fungal prosthetic valve endocarditis in 16 patients. An 11-year experience in a tertiary care hospital. Medicine (Baltimore). 76(2):94-103.
    PubMed ID: 9100737
  • Nasser RM, Hajjar I, sandhaus LM, Hall GS, Avery RK, Bolwell BJ,...Adal KA. (1998 October). Routine cultures of bone marrow and peripheral stem cell harvests: clinical impact, cost analysis, and review. Clin Infect Dis. 27(4):886-888.
    PubMed ID: 9798046
  • Ayub A, Yale SH, Reed KD, Nasser RM, Gilbert SR. (2004 August). Testing for latent tuberculosis. Clin Med Res. 2(3):191-194.
    PubMed ID: 15931357
  • Nasser RM, Rahi AC, Haddad MF, Daoud Z, Irani-Hakime N, Almawi WY. (2004 March). Outbreak of <em>Burkholderia cepacia</em> bacteremia traced to contaminated hospital water used for preparation of an alcohol-based skin disinfectant. Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol. 25(3):231-239.
    PubMed ID: 15061416
  • David JE, Nasser RM, Goldberg JW, Reed KD, Earll MD. (2005 April). Bilateral prosthetic knee infection by <em>Campylobacter fetus</em>. J Arthroplasty. 20(3):401-405.
    PubMed ID: 15809962
  • Savcic-Kos RM, Mali P, Abraham AO, Issa M, Rangu V, Nasser RM. (2014 December). Streptococcus pyogenes Sternoclavicular Septic Arthritis in a Healthy Adult. Clinical Medicine & Research. 12(3-4):155-9.
    PubMed ID: 24667224
  • Nwaedozie S, Mojarrab JN, Gopinath P, Fritsche T, Nasser RM. Sternal osteomyelitis caused by Gordonia bronchialis in an immunocompetent patient following coronary artery bypass surgery. IDCases. 2022 June 23;29:e01548. doi: 10.1016/j.idcr.2022.e01548. PMCID: PMC9253898.
    PubMed ID: 35801008