• Casper Bendixsen Ph.D.

  • Director - National Farm Medicine Center

    • MCRI - MCRI-National Farm Medicine
    • 1000 North Oak Ave. ML8 Marshfield, WI 54449


2007 to 2014:
Ph.D., Social-Cultural Anthropology, Rice University, Houston, TX
2007 to 2011:
M.A., Social-Cultural Anthropology, Rice University, Houston, TX
2007 to 2011:
Graduate Certificate, Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality, Rice University, Houston, TX
2005 to 2007:
B.S., Anthropology, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID
2005 to 2007:
B.S., Philosophy, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID
2005 to 2007:
Bachelors Certificate, Honors Program, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID
2005 to 2005:
Certificate/License, Emergency Medical Technician - Basic, Eastern Idaho Technical College, Idaho Falls, ID

Work Experience

2005 to 2007:
Resident Firefighter/EMT-B, Moscow Fire Department, Moscow, ID
2005 to 2007:
Equine Caretaker, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID
2000 to 2010:
Cowboy, Horse Trainer, Wrangler, Irrigator, X Lazy J Farm and Ranch, Idaho Falls, ID
2011 to 2014:
Instructor, Rice University, Houston, TX
2013 to 2019:
Associate Research Scientist, Marshfield Clinic Research Institute, Marshfield, WI
2019 to Present:
Director and Tenured Research Scientist, Marshfield Clinic Research Institute, Marshfield, WI

Honors & Awards

Presidential Leadership Scholarship
Academic Transfer Scholarship, University of Idaho
State of Idaho Academic Scholarship
2003 to 2005:
Western Undergraduate Exchange Recipient
International Study Grant, University of Idaho
Catherine Brandt Scholarship, University of Idaho
Florence Hollada Summers Scholarship, University of Idaho
Achievement Scholarship, University of Idaho
Alumni Award for Excellence, University of Idaho
Lindley Award Nominee, University of Idaho
Jack Kent Cooke Award Nominee, University of Idaho
Honors Program and Graduate, University of Idaho
2003 to 2007:
Undergraduate Dean’s List, University of Idaho, Idaho State University, Montana State University
2006 to 2007:
Department of Sociology and Anthropology Conference Scholarship, University of Idaho
2006 to 2007:
Honors Program Scholarship, University of Idaho
2006 to 2007:
Department of Sociology and Anthropology Research Scholarship, University of Idaho
2007 to 2011:
Graduate Fellowship, Anthropology Department, Rice University
Center for the Study of Women, Gender, & Sexuality Writing Award, Rice University
2011 to 2012:
Research and Dissemination Award, Américas Research Center, Rice University
2011 to 2012:
Vaughn Fellowship Nominee, Department of Anthropology, Rice University
2010 to 2013:
Conference Travel Support, Department of Anthropology, Rice University
2007 to 2014:
Anthropology Department Tuition Award, Rice University
ICTR KL2 Fellowship Finalist, University of Wisconsin
Peer Reviewer of the Year, Honorable Mention, The Journal of Agromedicine
2022 to 2023:
Gwen D. Sebold Research Fellowship
2024 to Present:
Dean Emanuel Endowed Chair


Dr. Bendixsen is a social-cultural anthropologist with an extensive background working with, living within, and researching agricultural and rural communities in the U.S. His current work focuses on translating the knowledge of agricultural health and safety in order to promote voluntary adoption by farm and ranch communities - reducing injuries, illness, and fatalities among farmers, farm workers, and farm families. Communities of particular interest to me include: beginning/young farmers and ranchers, rural firefighter/EMT's, and minority and niche farm groups. Additionally, He remains engaged in conversations regarding agrarian ethics, traditionalist and working class attitudes, and rural imaginaries - always trying to apply an anthropological perspective in order to improve the human condition.

The majority of his funding comes from the CDC - National Institutes for Occupational Safety and Health, the National Institutes of Health, and Marshfield Clinic donors.

Dr. Bendixsen's work would not be possible without the generosity of research participants, their time being a most precious commodity.

Research Interests

Topics: Agricultural health and safety; translational research; ethics; risk; rodeo and ranching; ethics; pastoralism; traditionalism; rurality; masculinities; rhetoric and poetics; representation; creative/interdisciplinary ethnography; senses of place; landscapes as cultural resources; sustainable technologies, energies and cultures; working-class imaginations and intellectualism; American studies; critical regionalism; US West history and literature
Areas: US, Canada, Spain, Guatemala

Professional Societies

2004 to 2016:
American Public Health Asscoation, Member
2006 to Present:
Society for Applied Anthropology, Member
2007 to Present:
American Anthropological Association, Member
2013 to Present:
International Society of Agricultural Safety and Health, Member, Membership Committee


Farm Ethics: Labor and Culture, North American Agricultural Safety Summit by Agricultural Safety and Health Council of America, Minneapolis, MN
Clash Between Agrarian Ethics and Industrialization, American Public Health Association Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA
Sharing Stories Through Images: a Humanistic Look at Immigrants on Maryland’s Eastern Shore , Migrant Clinicians Network, Salisbury, MD
Veteran-to-Farmers: an emerging at-risk population in agricultural health and safety, Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Society, Denver, CO
Culture of Safety and Other Useful Myths: Anthropological Work in Occupational Safety, Historically and Potentially, Annual Meeting of the American Public Health Association, Chicago, IL
Letting the Corn Stand: Veblen and the Ethics of US Agriculture, Annual Meeting of the Central States Anthropological Society, Minneapolis, MN
Intervention through Inquiry: using ethnography to promote safe agricultural, Moral Cultures of Food, Denton, TX
Agricultural Health and Safety: The Cultural Approach, Annual Meeting of Society for Applied Anthropology, Pittsburgh, PA
Feedyard Safety Roundtable, University of Nebraska & Texas Cattle Feeders Association
Sorting through the Spheres of Influence, Midwest Rural Agricultural Safety and Health Conference, Sioux Center, IA
Understanding the Spheres of Influence around the Farm Family, Canadian Agricultural Safety Association, Charlottetown, PEI
The Ethical Entanglements of Raising Children on Farms, Canadian Agricultural Safety Association, Charlottetown, PEI
Farm (as) medicine: a holistic vision of what agricultural health and safety can become, Nordic Meeting on Agricultural Occupational Health and Safety, Billund, Denmark
Why study ourselves? an overview of anthropology, Fritz Wenzel Science Conference, Marshfield WI
Emerging Software Applications in Agricultural Health and Safety, International Society for Agricultural Safety and Health, Lexington, KY
The Cultivation of the Farmer’s Self and the Perceived Necessity of Risk, Annual Meeting of the Portuguese Anthropological Association, Coimbra, Portugal
Despite the Risks: agrarian ethics, lives, and limbs, Annual Meeting of Society for Applied Anthropology, Vancouver, BC
Rural Firefighters Delivering Agricultural Health and Safety (Co-Author), International Society for Agricultural Safety and Health, Logan, UT
Rural Firefighters Delivering Agricultural Safety and Health (Poster), National Occupational Research Agenda Symposium, Minneapolis, MN
Do Not Reinvent the Wheel, Roll with It: Leveraging Social-Cultural Knowledge of Agricultural and Rural Communities to Implement Health and Safety Interventions, Penn State University
Heritage and Innovation: Intersections of Energy, Agriculture, and Ethics (Panel Discussant), Annual Meeting of Society for Applied Anthropology Santa Fe, NM
Immigration-Related Fear: A Growing Challenge in Health and Safety Research (Poster), Midwest Rural Agricultural Safety and Health Conference, Council Bluffs, IA
Community- Based Approaches (Instructor), NCCRAHS Child Agricultural Injury Workshop. Marshfield, WI
“Innovative Uses of Technology in Ag Health and Safety – the RF-DASH Project, Agricultural Safety and Health Council of America. Scottsdale, AZ
Cultivating Care: Anthropologists and Rural Health (Roundtable), Annual Meeting for the Society for Applied Anthropology. Portland, OR

Select Publications

  • Mahmud B, Vargas RC, Sukhum KV, Patel S, Liao J, Hall LR,...Dantas G [including Le T, Kitchner T, Kronholm E, Koshalek K, Bendixsen CG, VanWormer JJ, Shukla SK.] Longitudinal dynamics of farmer and livestock nasal and faecal microbiomes and resistomes. Nat Microbiol. 2024 April;9(4):1007-1020. doi: 10.1038/s41564-024-01639-4.
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