Speaker: Scott Hebbring, PhD

Event Date: 11/2/2016

Event Times: 12:05pm-1:00pm

Location: Froehlke Auditorium

Dr. Hebbring’s primary scientific interests focus on the genetics of complex diseases. He is currently an Associate Research Scientist at the Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation in the Center for Human Genetics where his laboratory focuses on the discovery of genetic markers that are associated with phenotypes embedded in patient medical records utilizing phenome-wide approaches.  In graduate school, he studied the interactions of the folate and methionine cycle, functionally characterized the genetic structure of SHMT1 and SHMT2, and studied the pharmacogenomics and pharmacometabolomics of antidepressants.  Prior to graduate school, he was employed as a research technologist and studied the genetics of colon, prostate, breast, and pancreatic cancer.  During that time, he was involved in numerous family-based linkage and population-based association studies.  In addition, he identified, characterized, and patented a copy number polymorphism affecting the commonly expressed phase II metabolizing enzyme SULT1A1.  It is his work on SULT1A1 that is the impetus for my interests in “phenome-wide” approaches. Dr. Hebbring has a wide breadth of research and educational training with emphasis on genetics and medical informatics, but also including analytical chemistry, biochemistry, and molecular and developmental biology. His research program utilizes Marshfield Clinic’s extensive electronic medical record (EMR) system to define thousands of clinically relevant phenotypes for phenome-wide studies in families.   

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