• Noha Elgendy

  • Postdoctoral Fellow-Research

    • MCRI - MCRI-Precision Med Research
    • 1000 North Oak Ave. MLR Marshfield, WI 54449


2019 to 2021:
Foreign pharmacy graduate certification , National Boards of pharmacists , USA
2014 to 2018:
PhD, Microbiology, Ain shams university-Pharmacy school-Microbiology and Immunology department, Egypt
2009 to 2014:
Master, Microbiology, Ain shams university-Pharmacy school-Microbiology and Immunology department, Egypt
2003 to 2008:
Bachlor, Pharmaceutical sciences, Ain shams university-Pharmacy school , Egypt

Work Experience

2021 to Present:
Postdoctoral Fellow Research , Marshfield clinic -CPMR center, USA
2018 to 2018:
Lecturer of microbiology , Ain shams university-Faculty of Pharmacy, Egypt
2014 to 2018:
Lecture assistant , Ain shams university-Faculty of Pharmacy , Egypt
2009 to 2014:
Teaching assistant , Ain shams university-Faculty of Pharmacy , Egypt
2008 to 2009:
Pharmacist, Cairo specialized hospital , Egypt


Human microbiome study is a promising field for developing personalized treatment for patients. The concept of "one size fits all" is no longer applicable; we should indvidualized therapy for better results. Thus, my goals are correlating between the microbiome composition and the different diseases to reach a better conclusion about etiology, pathogenesis, and best treatment for our patients. Furthermore, I had a thorough experience of bacterial physiology and its resistance to starvation through accumulation of carbon-based polymers intracellularly. Accordingly, my long-term goals are to integarte all of my previous and recent experiences to help in improving human health.

Research Interests

Relation between microbiome and human health
Production of polyhydroxyalkanoates polymer by different bacteria

Select Publications

  • Elsayed, Noha Salah, Aboshanab, Khaled M., Aboulwafa, Mohammad M., Hassouna, Nadia A.. Optimization of bioplastic (poly-β-hydroxybutyrate) production by a promising Azomonas macrocytogenes bacterial isolate P173. Afr. J. Microbiol. Res.. 2013 October 25; 7(43):5025-5035.
  • Elsayed, Noha S., Aboshanab, Khaled M., Yassien, Mahmoud, Hassouna, Nadia A.. Kinetic modeling, recovery, and molecular characterization of poly-beta-hydroxybutyrate polymer in Acinetobacter baumannii isolate P39. Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering. 2018 July 7; :1779-1791.
  • Elsayed, Noha S., Aboshanab, Khaled M., Yassien, Mahmoud A, Hassouna, Nadia H.. New insight into poly (3-hydroxybutyrate) production by Azomonas macrocytogenes isolate KC685000: large scale production, kinetic modeling, recovery and characterization. Molecular Biology Reports. 2019 April 17; 46 :3357-3370.
  • May Ahmed Shawki, Noha Salah Elsayed, Eman M. Mantawy, Riham S. Said. Promising drug repurposing approach targeted for cytokine storm implicated in SARS-CoV-2 complications. Immunopharmacology and Immunotoxicology. 2021 May 31; 43 doi: 10.1080/08923973.2021.1931302.
  • Sakr, Masarra M., Elsayed, Noha S., El-Housseiny, Ghadir S.. Latest updates on SARS-CoV-2 genomic characterization, drug, and vaccine development; a comprehensive bioinformatics review. Microb Pathog. 2021 May; 154 :104809.
  • Michael S. Pulia, Jennifer Anderson, Zhan Ye, Noha S. Elsayed, Thao Le, Jacob Patitucci,...Sanjay K. Shukla [including Matthew Hall.] Expression of Staphylococcal Virulence Genes In Situ in Human Skin and Soft Tissue Infections. Antibiotics. 2022 April 14; 11(4)doi: https://doi.org/10.3390/antibiotics11040527.