2019 Publications

Bendixsen C. A farm kid paradox. Journal of Anthropology of North America. Accepted.

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2018 Publications

Elliot V, Hagel L, Dosman J, Rana M, Lawson J, Marlenga B, Trask C, Pickett W. Resilience of Farm Women Working the Third Shift. J Agromedicine. 2018:23(1)70-77. https://doi.org/10.1080/1059924X.2017.1384421

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2017 Publications

Marlenga B, Berg RL, Gallagher, S. News Reports and Their Role in Child Agricutlutrua lInjury Prevention. J Agromedicine. 2017;22(2): 71-77. https://doi.org/10.1080/1059924X.2017.1282909 

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Pickett W, Berg R, Marlenga B. Health and Well-Being Among Young People From Canadian Farms: Associations With a Culture of Risk-Taking. J Rural Health. 2017;34(3):275-282. https://doi.org/10.1111/jrh.12281 

2016 Presentations

Wisconsin Fair Boards Conference

January 11, Wisconsin Dells, WI

“Animal/Patron Fair Safety”

Marsha Salzwedel


Accelerated Genetics Winter Get-away.

February 7, Wisconsin Dells, WI

“Child Safety on the Farm: Balancing the Risks and the Benefits”

Bryan Weichelt


Wisconsin Agricultural Tourism Association

February 23, Marshfield, WI

“Emergency Preparation and Planning”

Marsha Salzwedel


Midwest Organic & Sustainable Education Service

February 27, LaCrosse, WI

“Integrating Family Safely on the Farm”

Marsha Salzwedel


Society for Applied Anthropology Annual Meeting

March 31, Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Despite the Risks: agrarian ethics, lives, and limbs,” and Panel Organizer, “Cultivating Care at the Intersections of Applied Anthropology and Agricultural Health and Safety,”

Casper Bendixsen

“Race, Gender, and Safety: Intersections in the Changing Landscape of Agricultural Health and Safety”

Kathrine Barnes


WI Farm Bureau Young Farmers and Agriculturalists Farm Tour

April 1, Marshfield, WI

“Agritourism: Benefits and Challenges”

Marsha Salzwedel


Extension Risk Management Education National Conference

April 27, Fort Worth, Texas

“A Culturally Appropriate Health and Safety Training Curriculum for Hispanic Immigrant Workers in dairy”

Iris Reyes and Yurany Ninco Sánchez


2016 National Occupational Research Agenda (NORA) Symposium

May 4, Mayo Memorial Auditorium at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health

“Culturally Appropriate Health and Safety Intervention for Immigrant Workers in Dairy”

Iris Reyes and Yurany Ninco Sánchez


VI Congresso da Associacao Portuguesa de Antropologia

June 4, Coimbra, Portugal

“When this breaks down, it’s black gold: Gendered food production as liberation”

Casper Bendixsen


“The Cultivation of the Farmer’s Self and the Perceived Necessity of Risk,”

Casper Bendixsen


Wisconsin State FFA Convention

June 15, Madison, WI

“Stand Tall: Be Empowered”

Marsha Salzwedel


“Exploding Dust, Who Knew?”

Marsha Salzwedel


WI Public Health Association (WPHA) Conference

June 24-26, Appleton, WI

“Immigrant dairy worker perceptions of farm hazards and the seguridad promotor program”  

Iris Reyes


International Society for Agricultural Safety and Health (ISASH) Conference

June 26-30, Lexington, KY

“Alternative Agriculture Panel”

Marsha Salzwedel, Bryan Weichelt and Tammy Ellis


“Certified Safe Farm Panel”

Marsha Salzwedel


“Injury Surveillance in Wisconsin Dairy Farms”

Kathrine Barnes


“Emerging Software Applications in Agricultural Health and Safety Panel,”

Bryan Weichelt and Casper Bendixsen 


“Algorithmically Presenting Prevention Briefs on AgInjuryNews.org.”

Bryan Weichelt


Annual International Meeting for the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers

July 17-20, Orlando, FL

“From Paper and PC, to your Pocket: FARM-HAT Going Mobile”

Bryan Weichelt


NAMIC Ag Risk Inspection School

July 19-21, Louisville, KY

“What You Need to Know about Farm Festivals and Other Special Events”

Marsha Salzwedel


Nordic Meeting on Agricultural Occupational Health and Safety

August 24-26, Billund, Denmark

“A Robotic Reality: Milking the most out of Life on a Small Dairy Farm”

Bryan Weichelt


“Algorithmic Approach to Injured Workers: Designed for Dairy and Pork, Applicable Across Industries.”

Bryan Weichelt


“Tracking the Tragic: Publicly Accessible U.S. Agricultural Injury and Fatality News Clippings Data”

Bryan Weichelt


"Farm as Medicine: A holistic vision of what agricultural health and safety can become" 

Casper Bendixsen


"Secondary Surveillance: publically accessible U.S. agricultural injury and fatality news clippings data" 

Bryan Weichelt


"Next Generation of Agricultural Work Guidelines for Youth"

Bryan Weichelt


"A health and safety intervention for immigrant farm workers employing culturally appropriate population education approaches"

Casper Bendixsen


Legal Action of Wisconsin Meeting

August 9, Marshfield, WI

National Farm Medicine Center Overview

Tammy Ellis


Farm Safety Academy at Grinnell Insurance

Aug 30-31, Grinnell, IA

“Keeping Children and Youth Safe on the Farm”

Marsha Salzwedel


Epidemiology in Occupational Health Conference

September 4-7, Barcelona, Spain

“Algorithmic Approach to Injured Workers: Designed for Dairy and Pork, Applicable Across Industries.”

Amy K Liebman


"Health and safety intervention for immigrant dairy farm workers utilizing culturally appropriate popular education approaches"

Amy K Liebman


World Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion

September 19, Tampere, Finland

“Injury Surveillance in a Decentralized United States System: Innovative Approach to Find New Hazards”

Steve Waring


“Farm Mapping to Assist, Protect, and Prepare Emergency Responders (MAPPER)”

Casper Bendixsen


“Using the Socio-Economic Model as a Guide for Agricultural Safety Interventions.”

Casper Bendixsen


“Battlefield to Farmfield: Risk Perceptions of US Military Veterans Transitioning into Agriculture.”

Casper Bendixsen


Agrisafe Webinar

Sept 21, online

“Youth Agricultural Safety: Cultivating a Lasting Legacy”

Bryan Weichelt


Minnesota Childhood Injury Prevention Summit

Sep 22, St. Cloud, MN

“Child Safety on the Farm”

Marsha Salzwedel


Upper Midwest Agricultural Safety and Health Annual Forum

Sept 29, Minneapolis, MN

“A Robotic Reality: Milking the most out of Life on a Small Dairy Farm”

Casper Bendixsen


“Prepping for the Next Generation of Agricultural Work Guidelines”

Casper Bendixsen


“Algorithmic Approach to Injured Workers: Designed for Dairy and Pork, Applicable Across Industries”

Iris Reyes


Canadian Ag Safety Assn. Conference 

Oct 4-6, Prince Edward Island, Canada

“Keeping Kids Safe on the Farm”

Marsha Salzwedel


“Empowering the AgSafe Family: Exploring spheres of influence”

Marsha Salzwedel


“The Ethical Entanglements of Raising Children on Farms”

Casper Bendixsen


"Sorting through the Spheres of Influence: a method for determining who influences farmers’ decision making”

Casper Bendixsen


National Assn. of Supervisors Agricultural Education Conference

Oct 18, Indianapolis, IN

“Benefits & Risks of Youth Working on Farms: Finding the balance”

Marsha Salzwedel


American Public Health Association Annual Meeting and Exposition,

October 31, Denver, CO

“Tracking the Tragic: News Clippings as a Data Source for Ag Injuries and Fatalities”

Amy K Liebman

"Opportunities and Challenges to Occupational Health in Community Health Centers Serving Immigrants and Vulnerable Populations."

Amy K Liebman


"Primary care meets occupational health: Supporting work-related health in community health settings."

Amy K Liebman


"A One Health approach to incorporating safety on the farm for immigrant dairy workers."

Amy K Liebman


"A health and safety intervention for immigrant farm workers that employs the community health worker model."

Amy K Liebman


Midwest Rural Agricultural Safety and Health Conference

November 15-16, Sioux Center, Iowa.

“Sorting Through the Spheres of Influence,”

Casper Bendixsen


American Anthropological Society Annual Meeting

November 16-20, Minneapolis, MN

“Adopting the Warrior and Cultivating the Caretaker within: US Military Veterans Transitioning into Agriculture”

Casper Bendixsen


GPS Dairy Forum

Nov. 16-17, Prior Lake, MN

“Embracing On-farm Safety programs”

Yurany Ninco Sanchez


WI Farm Bureau Young Farmers Association Conference

Dec 3, Wisconsin Dells, WI

“The Ultimate Balancing Act: Keeping children safe who live, work and play on farms”

Marsha Salzwedel


2016 Publications

Evans J and Heiberger S. Agricultural Media Coverage of Farm Safety: Review of the Literature. J Agromedicine. 2016;21(1):91-105. https://doi.org/10.1080/1059924X.2015.1106376 

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