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Manuscript topics
Submissions can be in the form of original research, policy issues and clinical aspects of agricultural health. Areas of emphasis include agricultural health and safety issues that affect the producer, consumer and the environmental health of communities impacted by agricultural practices.

By publishing the best and brightest research, the editorial team of the Journal of Agromedicine seeks to carve a niche complementary to existing journals in the field of agricultural health and safety.

Focus Areas
Topics will include:

  • Occupational health and safety issues in agriculture
  • Zoonotic and emerging diseases
  • Food safety
  • Health education strategies
  • Public health issues of agricultural practices
  • Impact of chronic disease and health interventions in the agricultural workforce
  • Evolving trends of emerging biotechnology and globalization of agriculture, with the resulting political and economic affects upon the agricultural workforce and rural communities, will also be addressed in a peer-reviewed manner.