The National Children’s Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety has made available its collection of fact sheets, reports, periodicals and other publications.

The National Children's Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety has resource information devoted to keeping children safe while engaged in work or while playing. 

Health and safety professionals, farm families, and media can benefit from visiting this site. You can find: detailed fact sheets on childhood agricultural injuries, prevention strategies to assist states and communities to prevent injury to children and adolescents, guidelines for designing and building an outdoor safe play area on a farm, agritourism
guidelines for health and safety, an evaluation guidebook, Spanish-language resources, an Anabaptist coloring book, and selected links for childhood agricultural safety and health.

Recommended Resources for Childhood Agricultural Safety and Health

Child Agricultural Safety Brochure -- Print Version

Child Agricultural Brochure -- Web Version

Agritourism and Rural Recreation

All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Safety

Integrating Safety into Agritourism


Anabaptist Resources

Chemical Safety Stories

Farm Safety Stories


Childhood Agricultural Injury Data and Labor Regulations

2018 Childhood Agricultural Injury Fact Sheet

Child Labor Requirements in Agricultural Occupations 

Fact Sheet #40: Federal Youth Employment Laws in Farm Jobs

Proposed Changes to the Agricultural Child Labor Regulations 


Childhood Agricultural Work

Agricultural Youth Work Guidelines

Benchmarking Report: Hiring and Safety Practices for Adolescent Workers in Agriculture 

Community-Based Agriculture: Safety Guidelines for Youth Working in Gardens

Cultivate Safety

Model Policy: Youth Employment in Agriculture

Safety Guidelines for Hired Adolescent Farm Workers

Safety Guidelines for Youth Operating Farm Equipment


Curriculum for Agricultural Safety or Health

SAY National Clearinghouse


Media Guidelines for Agricultural Safety 


General Childhood Agricultural Safety

Children and Dairy Chemicals

I Didn't Know ATV Campaign

Keep Kids Away from Tractors Campaign 


Reports and National Action Plans

2019 National Children's Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety Annual Report

2016 Insurance Companies, Children & Agricultural Safety: Survey Results and Opportunities for Insurers

2016 We're All In! Working Together to Provide Services for Children Whose Parents Work in Agriculture

2018 Year in Review

2012 Blueprint for Protecting Children in Agriculture

2001 Summit on Childhood Agricultural Injury Prevention

2001 Migrant and Seasonal Hired Adolescent Farmworkers: A Plan to Improve Working Conditions

1996 National Action Plan


Play/Non-Work Related Safety

Creating Safe Play Areas on Farms 

Creating Safe Play Areas on Farms 2010 Mini-Edition

Interactive Demonstrations of Safe Play Areas


Spanish Language Resources

Creating Safe Play Areas on Farms Mini-edition 

Safety Guidelines for Hired Adolescent Farm Workers

Pesticides Nearby...but Staying Healthy 


Prevention Briefs

Prevention Briefs: How to Prevent Injuries to Children on Farms