The North American Guidelines for Children’s Agricultural Tasks (NAGCAT) is a collection of guidelines designed to assist parents and others in assigning age-appropriate tasks for children ages 7–16 who live or work on farms and ranches across North America. The guidelines are based on an understanding of childhood growth and development, agricultural practices, principles of childhood injury, and agricultural and occupational safety. Voluntary use of the guidelines can help parents and others make informed decisions about appropriate tasks for youth. The guidelines are not intended for legislative action.

The North American Guidelines for Children’s Agricultural Tasks (NAGCAT) are the subject of an Impact Sheet, part of a series of products that are designed to clearly and concisely communicate the relevance and impact of research to industry, labor, academic, government, and non-government stakeholders. Impact Sheets briefly describe an occupational safety or health hazard, the specific NIOSH or NIOSH-funded research activity that was conducted to address the hazard, the resulting impact or recommendations, and certain salient statistics. The NAGCAT Impact Sheet is located at A printable version can be found at NAGCAT Impact (1.4MB PDF).

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