What is Oral Precision Medicine?

Oral precision medicine is defined by a ‘data driven’ approach that examines the evidence base surrounding disease management and prevention at a personalized level in the context of:

  • Genetic factors
  • Individual clinical history
  • Environmental exposures
  • Behavioral patterns
  • Oral-systemic health interactions and associations
  • Molecular processes contributing to health and disease


This core seeks to explore oral precision medicine research with translational value for achieving personalized, holistic, integrated, oral-systemic health care delivery.

Key initiatives include defining precision medicine approaches to:

  • oral/systemic disease risk prediction
  • diagnosis
  • evaluating response to treatment outcomes
  • detection of disease progression

Projects in Progress Include:

Systematic/Scoping reviews to identify progress in oral precision medicine in the following domains:

  1. Risk prediction for dysglycemia applying predictive modeling algorithms inclusive of oral and systemic risk factors (Funded by Delta Dental of Wisconsin) (systematic review)
  2. World Wide Oral Medicine (WWOM) Initiative:

As invited section leader to the international WWOM workgroup, the following reviews are being advanced for presentation at the European Oral Medicine Conference in Gothenburg, Sweden in September 2018, with plans to publish the final manuscripts in a special edition of Oral Diseases in the Spring of 2019. 

A) Defining precision medicine approaches for prediction, diagnosis and management of oral and salivary disease manifestations in Sjogren’s syndrome (scoping review)

B) Systematic review of current literature advancing biomarker research in the context of oral leukoplakia surrounding: 

  • Risk prediction
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment response or 
  • Disease progression (systematic review)

 Other research interest includes:

  • Characterization of oral microbiome and virome in oral diseases and systemic conditions with evidence-based associations to oral disease;
  • Systems analysis of oral-systemic disease associations;
  • Definition of the role of epigenetics in oral disease and potential translational value of epigenetic biomarkers in oral precision medicine.

Oral Precision Medicine
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