This article originally appeared in Pulse.

Dr. Robert Haws, a pediatric nephrologist at Marshfield Center, was honored with the first ever C. Todd Stewart Award for Clinical Excellence at Tuesday night’s Marshfield Clinic Class A Members meeting.

Dr. Robert Haws hugs Dr. Suzanne Wright as he accepts C. Todd Stewart Award for Clinical Excellence. The late Dr. Todd Stewart’s wife, Janet Stewart, looks on.

The award honors the legacy of Dr. Charles Todd Stewart, who served his patients and his community as a dedicated pediatric intensivist, passionate child advocate and visionary leader. Dr. Stewart died suddenly at age 48 while serving as Marshfield Clinic vice president.

Janet Stewart, Dr. Stewart’s wife, joined a group of several physicians to form the selection committee for the award. She spoke Tuesday about her late husband’s legacy.

“Todd so loved this place,” she said. “Because what he saw in his colleagues was a shared desire for keeping Marshfield Clinic synonymous with world-class, clinical excellence, for leaving this community better than we found it, for always thinking about what’s next.”

For Dr. Haws, the award was particularly gratifying because of his admiration for Dr. Stewart.

“Todd was an amazing person. He was a good friend and a colleague,” Dr. Haws said. “Todd did so much. He loved the clinic, he worked hard, he took care of patients so fervently, and he just had a passion for taking care of kids.”

Dr. Haws felt humbled to be selected as the award recipient from a group of outstanding providers.

“There were so many people who really deserved this recognition,” Dr. Haws said. “As I looked at the list of nominees last night, I thought ‘these are just stars.’” To even be on that list was amazing, and to actually win the award was so humbling.”

Dr. Suzanne Wright, a pediatrician at Marshfield Center and member of the C. Todd Stewart Selection Committee, praised Dr. Haws’ leadership in developing Marshfield Clinic’s program for treating Bardet-Biedl syndrome (BBS). BBS is a rare genetic disease and, with Dr. Haws’ guidance, Marshfield Center has become an international destination for individuals suffering from this disease.

“He organized and energized a group of professionals here at Marshfield Clinic to develop the BBS Center of Excellence,” Dr. Wright said. She noted that Dr. Haws and his team have served patients with BBS from over 24 states and two foreign countries.

Dr. Wright read a comment from a fellow physician who nominated Dr. Haws for the award.

“I strive, on a daily basis, to emulate his care, his service and his leadership. His dedication is beyond compare, and yet he is one of the most humble people you will ever meet,” the physician wrote.