Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Population Health (CCEPH) Senior Research Scientist Robert Greenlee, PhD, MPH has recently accepted an invitation to serve on the Research Advisory Board for the Medica Research Institute (MRI). Medica is a non-profit health insurance company based in Minneapolis, MN with about 1.2 million members. MRI formed in 2010 as the research arm of Medica, and has a mission focused on population health, health policy, and informatics research. The Board includes 8 scientists involved in health policy at the national level or in health delivery research in academic or other health system settings.

Dr. Greenlee attended his first annual in-person Research Advisory Board meeting in June, and will continue to provide input on the Institute’s research agenda through regular discussions with MRI executive director, Kristina Bloomquist. Dr. Greenlee had previous interaction with MRI and their director through the Governing Board of the Health Care Systems Research Network (HCSRN), where he served as the on-boarding mentor for MRI when they joined the HCSRN several years ago.