The Center for Human Genetics (CHG) was well represented and singled out for honors at the annual American Society for Human Genetics (ASHG) meeting held in Vancouver, Canada October 17-22. Based on its outstanding leadership in Precision Medicine, CHG was selected for a video presentation on “ASHG TV”. The video was shown on a loop at the meeting attended by over 10,000 attendees from the US, Canada and more than 60 other countries.

Dr. Max He presented a poster entitled: "Clinically actionable genetic variants in cancer-predisposing genes: a survey of 300 patients with whole-genome sequencing and lifetime electronic health records" and Dr. Scott Hebbring presented a poster entitled The “Use of electronic health records to generate one of the largest family cohorts with detailed longitudinal phenotypic data”.  Both of these abstracts scored in the top 10% of poster abstracts.  Blue ribbons were given to Max and Scott and were displayed on their badges and posters.  Also presenting posters at the conference were Jamie Fox “From Genetic Informatics to a Biological Model: Analysis of Genetic Variants of SLC5A2 and Jixia Liu Phenome-wide Association Study of SULT1A1 Copy Number Variation and Correlation with Estrogen Metabolism”.

ASHG is the primary professional membership organization for human genetics specialists worldwide with nearly 8,000 members. ASHG serves research scientists, health professionals, and the public by providing forums to share research results, advance genetic research by advocating for research support, enhance genetics education by preparing future professionals and informing the public, and promote genetic services and support responsible social and scientific policies.